People are always telling me I’m dramatic

April 9, 2010 at 7:18 am (Uncategorized)

Peace and quiet are rare and precious commodities, my friend.  Between the television, the radio, traffic, customers and co-workers, someone or something is always making a bunch of racket while I’m trying to think.  I often wonder how the rest of the world manages to accomplish anything!  You know that old cliché about not being able to hear yourself think?  Well, I’m living it.  I try to type a three sentence email to my corporate office and I get interrupted five times, literally.  I promise this is no exaggeration of the truth for drama’s sake.

And while we are talking about what annoys me, it’s time you knew:  I cannot stand the fucking city.  I know I’m young and educated and I should take comfort and pleasure in all the city has to offer but I don’t.  I can’t.  The freeways look like parking lots and I pretty much can’t breathe when there are more than ten vehicles in my vicinity.  (And for goodness sake’s, what smells so atrocious?)  People are always telling me I should want to live in the city, but in truth I find its rhythms and noises nauseating.

I look out the window. It’s windy and pouring down rain, which would normally improve my mood, but today I just wish the damn city would flood.  I wish the Lord Almighty would go back on his covenant with Moses and flood this mess of a world because it’s broken I tell you. 

Of course, that’s awfully dramatic.



  1. Santa Barbara Aphrodite said,

    Totally fucking broken. And I’m with you on the whole City thing. I lived in a very large metropolitan city for about 6 months and I couldn’t wait to get out. I like to be close enough to the city to enjoy what it does have to offer (art, entertainment, culture, restaurants, etc.) but I definitely do not want to live there or spend a lot of time there. The urban jungle is not for me.

  2. Joseph Rogers said,

    Took a cab ride in Chi-Town once, and am never fricking going back. Don’t want a repeat of the city, DEFINITELY don’t want to do it with some psycho idiot behind the wheel. I swear to you, we took a left hand turn across FIVE LANES of traffic…

    The city is dead. That is what smells. There is nothing growing there, nothing anymore that is alive. I hate to sound so hippie-fied, but have you WATCHED Avatar. Wow. I’m just glad I wasn’t tripping…I believe that would’ve had me holding a picket sign for the next three months, chanting about how we’re killing Mother Earth.

    It was a beautiful movie, however, and the point of the above was to point out that certain people are connected to something more strongly than others. Call it God, call it mythology, I call in the Universal Consciousness of the Tao. I think these people do not like cities, because there is a lack of connection there to this greater aspect of the world and humanity…

    Time for you to move, chickie.

    • athenasden said,

      Thanks so much for the thoughtful comments! I did recently see Avatar. That movie definitely got me thinking about Gaia (Mother Earth)….

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