Is this a limerick or a haiku?

April 14, 2010 at 6:45 am (Uncategorized)

Oh my,

Oh woe is me.

When did I get so bad

at technology?

* * *

Somewhere between high school science fairs and turning thirty, I lost my edge – if I ever had one – with technology.  I have trouble with iPods and Twitter, so please don’t even talk to me about cropping photos or downloading music.  If you do, I might have to burn a little lavender incense just to finish this blog. 

People are regularly amazed that I am able to function with such a limited repertoire of 21st century skills, but truly this is what happens when you spend all your time analyzing last week’s episode of Bones which, by the way, reminded us all of the Divine Gambler archetype, did it not? 

 So all week, I’ve been speculating and ruminating on  

  • Kenny Roger’s country hit “The Gambler” – my favorite song when I was five
  • The Wheel of Fortune (X) card in tarot – how chance and fortune are related
  • Wheel of Fortune Vs. Jeopardy – the latter takes real skill
  • The Eighth House in astrological charts – sex, transformation and other people’s money

(Oh, how I do love a good list!) 

Sorry.  Back to my tenuous relationship with technology, definitely not an Eight House blockage.  Tonight I had one goal and one goal only:  FILE MY TAXES.  My father will just be horrified if I wait until the night before…again.  First I filled out the old school form; then I tried Turbo Tax just to double-check my work but then was ineligible for e-file.  Are you kidding me?  I have a laptop and no way to print from my house!  I drive over to a friend’s house and try to print but Adobe starts acting up.  We download a new copy of Adobe, but it refuses to acknowledge our existence and by this time, I am in desperate need of  a stiff drink.

In the end, I never managed to print off a damn thing and I really, really want to curse Mercury, the god of communication and much distress.   He is a sly little trickster and a mischief maker.  I can’t help but like  him.



  1. Joseph Rogers said,

    That’s funny. I am actually attempting to build my business based on various aspects of technology and how they integrate into Home Theater design and construction, and the number of people that feel like you do is pretty large.

    Look up Asperger’s sometime. Mild form of autism, and I think I was/am borderline…somewhat OCD, and logic is required. These people are not good at social interaction, but some develop the skills in or after high school to understand social cues. The un-predictability of it is anathema to them, and they much prefer something that is LOGICAL. Something that “When A, then B”, and many times that is some form of science that they get interested in.

    So yeah…I understand your stress level with technology. I had the same problems with social interaction. But technology? Nah, I’ve always had that down pat.

    • athenasden said,

      Oh, you should definitely see me try to change the channel or put in a DVD. At any given time, we have about six remotes in my house and I have no idea which one to use! =)

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