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To Do List

Sleep in.  Check.

Eat ice cream even though I promised to eat better this week.  Check.

Obsessively check blog stats. Check.

Obsessively check all social networking sites. Check.

Walk ChiChi. Check.

Trim ChiChi’s toenails.  Check.

Compile old poetry (handwritten) onto laptop.  Check.

Cringe at the quality of said poems.  Check.

Go to bed early. Not even close.


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Angry, Angry Indra

May 7, 2012 at 6:29 pm (Hinduism, Literature, Mythology & Religion) (, , , , , )

Sometimes I worry that I’m the only one who thinks mythology is funny.

Like tonight, I’m sitting in the breakroom eating some yogurt reading the Ramayana.   Hope you guys aren’t tired of hearing about that book because I’m really not tired of talking about it.  And here’s what makes me laugh: William Buck portrays Indra as one really crank dude.  Every few pages Indra is stomping around and throwing thunderbolts, and not in that regal way the Greeks portray Zeus either.  I mean Indra is just crabby and I think this is hilarious.

Early on Buck writes, “In heaven above, Indra turned and sighed and hissed like an angry snake.  His fine robes were burnt and torn, his face and chest were covered with dried blood.  He was angry; he heard Vasishthas’s [a Brahmin/priest] call and it made him still angrier” (11).

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For some            

the epitome of winter,

With its bitter morning frost

and crisp grass under foot,

is January.


But I say

when the winter wind seems eternal,

across the wide expanse of a frozen cheek,

 like a pond on which we might skate,

it is February.


Sullied by ploughs, trampled by feet

half-melted  and shoveled aside,

Afraid that winter will not end,

 We look out at our windows not at snow,

 but at the remains of snow.  


What would it take to remember

 those first few               



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Vacation, Via Negativa

May 1, 2012 at 3:51 am (Lists, Poetry) (, , , )

For those of you who are curious about how I spent my vacation, I have quantified its contents for you.

What I Did NOT Do on Vacation

I did not set an alarm clock.
I did not put on dress slacks.
I did not punch out for my lunch breaks.

I did not refrain from taking naps.
Nor did I refrain from eating copious amounts of Moose Tracks ice cream.

I did not get on a plane or go through a single security check.
I did not have to put my precious puppy in a kennel.
And I most certainly did not complain that the rain spoiled it.

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